MOQ is 1000 pieces for 1 model in 2-3 colors and 4-5 sizes.
For outdoor clothes: 500 pieces for 1 model.
For underwear and clothes for newborns: 3000 pieces for 1 model.

All types of cloths are better to produce in 2-3 colors and 4-5 sizes. With these quantity you will get the best price for your order from the factory.

Production time depends on the country where you decided to produce your order. After all samples are confirmed Chinese factories need 30-60 days to finish the order.
In India and Bangladesh it can take 90-120 days, but the price may be lower than in China.

Shipping to your country usually takes from 15 to 60 days, depends on distance and type of logistic you have chose to use.

More information you can get after you leave the request. We will contact you in 24 hours and will answer to all your questions.