Our team

Textile Profi is a team of highly skilled professionals. All our employees can speak Russian, English and Chinese and have extensive experience in the apparel production in Asia. We are passionate about our work and responsible for the quality of production. Manufacturing of apparel is our vocation!

Tatiana Sherstneva. Director of Textile Profi Limited

My name is Tatiana. I’m the director and founder of Textile Profi Limited.

I have been living in China for 7 years and 6 of them I worked for the textile industry. I love this line of work and I’m pleased to see an increasing number of new customers!

I personally supervise all orders and communicate with our Clients. Here in China our services are in high demand and our quality is improving day by day.

I’m hard-working but still manage to find time for my hobbies. I like traveling and during my travels I learn how textile factories in different countries work.

If you have any questions and are interested in our services you can reach me on my phone: (86) 185 59 77 23 97

You can also leave a request on our webpage; I am always very happy to meet new Clients!

Pei Chen Zhi. Manager of the manufacturing process

My name is Pei Chen Zhi. I was born and raised in Fujian province in China. I have been working in the apparel sector for 7 years. In Textile Profi I’m in charge of manufacturing process in Chinese garment factories. My work involves frequent business trips and while I visit production, I personally control, explain, coordinate and correct. We always manage to achieve our goals and to satisfy the customer!

Wang Mei. Production engineer

•My name is Wang Mei and I am a production engineer at Textile Profi. Most of my working time I spend in the factories where I collaborate with the factory engineers and correct their work. I really like my job because I’ve worked in an apparel factory before and I understand the whole production procedure. I communicate with manufacturers not only in our common Chinese language, but also in our common professional language.

Kristina Kudryavceva. Production manager

I'm Cristina and my job is to control the quality of the production at each stage. I visit factories and check out the quality of every order. I do this 2 or 3 times so the customer knows the condition of the producing goods on every manufacturing stage. We believe that this approach is the best – it’s the only way we can guarantee the quality to our customers. Of course, as in any other business, sometimes we face difficulties, but my responsibility is to solve all the problems in the factory immediately and to give the perfect product to the customer.

Evgenia Kameneva. Sales manager

I’m Evgenia and I’m the sales manager at our company. I’m looking for the new customers and if you have received a phone call from Textile Profi, most likely you were talking to me. I like people and communication and I am very happy if we can help you to realize your idea. Getting feedback from satisfied customers is one of the best ways of motivation for further achievements! Sometimes I also visit the factory; it gives me the opportunity to understand the situation and to offer our clients objective information about their order.