Our team

Textile Pro is a team of highly skilled professionals. All our employees can speak Russian, English and Chinese and have extensive experience in the apparel production in Asia. We are passionate about our work and responsible for the quality of production. Manufacturing of apparel is our vocation!

Tatiana Sherstneva. Director of Textile Pro Limited

My name is Tatiana. I’m the director and founder of Textile Pro Limited.

I have been living in China for 7 years and 6 of them I worked for the textile industry. I love this line of work and I’m pleased to see an increasing number of new customers!

I personally supervise all orders and communicate with our Clients. Here in China our services are in high demand and our quality is improving day by day.

I’m hard-working but still manage to find time for my hobbies. I like traveling and during my travels I learn how textile factories in different countries work.

If you have any questions and are interested in our services you can reach me on my phone: + (86) 185 59 77 23 97

You can also leave a request on our webpage; I am always very happy to meet new Clients!


Ekaterina Vereschagina

She is a head of the representative office of Textile-pro limited in India. 

Ekaterina has professional education in the sphere of production and fashion design.

She has 15 years of working experience, including such companies as Sportmaster, Ostin and Funday. She thoroughly knows the process of making clothes.

Catherine is a very creative and attentive to details person.

Thanks to her patience and professionalism – your orders in India are always performed at the highest level.

Speaks Russian and English fluently.


Iana Golovko

In Textile-pro Iana is responsible for maintaining orders in China and communication with customers.

She is the most outgoing person in our team.

Sometimes I am just envy to her patience and ability to explain a million times the same things to clients without even changing tone of the voice.

This is a very valuable skill when working with Chinese suppliers. Striking responsibility is another feature of her character.

Iana has been living in China for 6 years.

Speaks Russian and fluent English and Chinese languages.


Angelina Pavlova

In Textile-pro Angelina is responsible for the content of the website and its promotion. She is an Internet marketer.

Angelina is the youngest member of our team, but lived in China for over 7 years.

She has experience in controlling customers orders, holding negotiations, communication with clients and visiting the factories. All those experiences has a direct impact on creating more interesting and lively content for our website.

Angelina is in charge of strategic planning promotion of the company, cooperating with target audience and attracting new customers.

Speaks Russian and fluent English and Chinese languages.