China has one of the biggest markets of fabrics to offer to the rest of the world.
With our experience of wholesale supplies of fabrics, let us suggest to you the list of those having maximum of competitive advantage in China:
🔸 Synthetic fabrics for outerwear production

🔸 Synthetic or mixed knit fabrics for casual and sports wear production

🔸 High-performance functional fabrics (membrane fabrics, patented insulation fibers, waterproof knit fabrics, thermal control fabrics, UV-filter fabrics, antibacterial fabrics)

🔸 Alternative fibers containing milk proteins, soy proteins, bamboo, pearl, multi-layer components and other innovative materials)

🔸 Synthetic or mixed fabrics for women fashion wear

🔸 Business class suit fabrics (viscose, wool, polyester)

🔸 Fine silks
MOQ for majority of customized fabrics is 1000 meters per type, unless you are buying readily available inventory fabrics and know exactly the type you want by providing a sample.

☝You might be surprised to learn that it is not profitable to purchase cotton fabrics from China. We will talk about the reasons why in one of our upcoming posts.
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