Manufacturing of pre-designed clothing

Save time on product design

Unlimited range

Your brand name on the product
This option was made for those companies that do not have a personal designer and place orders for apparel manufacturing using factory designs.

Determining the needs of clients

At this stage, we collect all the information about the client’s needs: type of product, quality, materials, colors and amount. All this details will guide us in our search for the most suitable factory.

The search for manufacturers

Usually we find the right manufacturer in our database. We have a long list of good and reliable factories that proved their quality in the past. If the customer has specific requirements, we find a factory that fulfills all of his needs.

Confirmation of the samples

At this stage we get the samples from the manufacturer and send them to the customer so he can confirm the quantity and make a final decision. We can also make minor changes to the product or correct small details like accessories and colors.

Signing the contract and start of the production

At this stage both parties sign the contract. After the customer sends the deposit we start to manufacture approved models. We send quality inspections at every phase of production to prevent possible errors and delays.

The result:

Comparing to the "manufacturing of goods under your own design” described in the first case, the work on this scheme goes much faster. There is no long procedure of negotiation and approval of samples by the customer. In this case, this procedure takes less time. And the products are still manufactured under the brand name of the customer.