Manufacturing of clothing under your own design

We provide services for those companies that plan to place orders for manufacturing clothing in Asia under their own brand and design.

Constant monitoring

More than 200 proven and selected manufactures

Fast manufacturing time
(maximum 45 days
to complete the order)
Selection of the manufacturer

Selection of the manufacturer is the initial stage in placing an order. Choosing the right manufacturer is paramount to the success of the whole project. We choose the best factory based on requirements and needs of the client. We have a large base of suppliers in Asia with whom we already had positive experience since they produced high quality products. We will select the best option for placing your order with proven, reliable factories which will meet selected requirements individually for each of our clients. On the wishes of the client we can find a new manufacturer, we can also inspect a factory that was chosen by the client and give our independent assessment.

Manufacturing of pre-production samples

At this stage the factory makes pre-production samples following sketches of the customer. We monitor the compliance of the samples and inspect the process. If there are any questions, we will promptly respond and immediately make appropriate adjustments. Manufacturer makes samples until they match the idea of the customer exactly. Only then we send the latest consistent sample to you for approval.

The production stage

After the confirmation of the pre-production sample we sign a contract with the factory and send a deposit. Only then the factory orders the material for the manufacture and makes the first production sample for the final approval. It’s the last opportunity for the customer to make changes and adjustments. If changes are made, we make sure, that the manufacturer took them into account. If not, then the sample is again approved by the customer, and the manufacturing commences.

Quality control of various manufacturing stages

We provide quality control of various stages of production. This is very important especially if we work with the factory for the first time.

Quality control after dying and cutting

At this stage we check how well the fabric is dyed and how it matches the color comparing to the approved samples. We also control the accuracy of cutting. Quality control during the production process. In the middle of the production process, we monitor the execution of the production, check the condition of the goods, seams and prints. A final check before packing. At this stage you can fix minor bugs, for example, cut threads, iron clothing, check packaging, labels, bar code… Quality assurance at all stages of production ensures a predictable result with no surprises upon receiving of the goods by the customer.

Quality control during shipment

At this stage we check and make sure that the volume of boxes fits the volume of the container. We weigh the boxes and compare the results with the declared weight in the documents. We finally confirm the data for submission to the customs authorities and the transport companies.

The result

At each of these stages, we methodically and efficiently carry out this work. We do not correct mistakes - we prevent them. We have a lot of experience and know where factories usually make mistakes, and carefully monitor their work. Thanks to this work we do not only exclude the risks of producing improper quality, but also contribute to a process that takes place without interruption. As a result the customer is guaranteed to receive high quality goods at the agreed time.