When you place an order to produce clothing in China you need to know some details.

Here are some of them:

  • First of all, you need to be prepared for large volumes. A factory is a manufacturing enterprise. This is not a trading company. Any product that is ordered at the factory is always sewn off in a series. No matter how much you want this customer, but here the volume always prevails over the assortment. Each factory has its own “minimum quantities”. And the smaller the factory, the less, as a rule, its requirements for volume. But the volume is less than 500-700 pieces of the same model, almost no factory will take to it. At enterprises larger this minimal restriction makes 1000-1500 products. Large textile plants – up to 5000 units. Be prepared for this order of numbers.


  • The terms of manufacturing the batch depend on its volume. But if the lot is not too large (for example, one container), then the terms vary, as a rule, from 30 to 90 days. In addition to the lot size, the manufacturing time depends on a number of internal reasons. And during negotiations the factories always try to name the real time, in which they really can meet. Often there are situations when the customer is satisfied with everything, except for terms. 60 days is too much. The customer needs 40. In this case, the customer begins to rush the manufacturer. And the manufacturer starts to hurry. Haste is always contrary to quality. At least in China it is so. Do not interfere with the production process. Do not bend your line and try to win a couple of weeks or two. As a rule, this does not lead to a good result. If it is important for the customer to save time, this can be done at the stage of negotiation of samples and negotiations due to clear interaction with the manufacturer and timely coordination of issues. This work can really be done faster. But the production process is hardly possible.


  • Most of the garment factories in China work according to the 30% -70% payment plan. Thirty percent – prepayment when placing an order. And 70% – before shipment of the goods. This is a standard scheme, which is used not only by the textile industry, but also by producers from other areas, too. With a probability of 99.9%, the factory will offer you such a payment order scheme. Be ready to transfer money on time. The manufacturer will never start production before the money is transferred. And it does not matter what the objective reasons are to blame. The manufacturer will not ship the container in the same way until it is convinced of the payment. In fact, there are a lot of different variants of settlements with factories. Sometimes the Chinese side is also going to mitigate the terms of payment. But this happens only after a certain experience of cooperation with the client. And not before.


  • When working with clothing companies in China should also take into account the regional specifics of this business. All of China is artificially divided into industrial zones. Each of the provinces of China specializes in some of its group of products. This is reasonable and justified economically. In China, there is not one industrial zone for the production of clothing. There are several of them. But each of them has certain features. (One of the zones specializes in knitted goods, the other – on children’s clothing, the third – in the production of jeans, the fourth – in the production of sportswear, etc.). To understand and take into account these features is necessary at the stage of choosing a supplier.If you are interested in information on the characteristics of textile zones in China, you can hardly find it in the public domain on the Internet. But you can call us, and we will consult you for free on this issue. As, however, and for any other.


  • Another feature of working with Chinese manufacturers is that not all factories have an export license. The factory has good equipment, very decent staff, internal processes are established and at the same time – low prices. But they do not have a document that gives the right to export. In this case, the transaction must be carried out through an “export agent”. Often, such an agent is “Textile pro.” We have all the necessary permits for this. This is convenient for the manufacturer and the customer. We also render such a service.


Features of working with Chinese suppliers are more than just a lot. At the first stages of cooperation it can be very difficult to understand them thoroughly and quickly. If your company needs support when launching a project to produce clothing in China, please contact us. We will give you effective and clear advice. And it’s always free.