Minimum Order Quantity:
1000 pieces for 1 model in 2-3 colors and 4-5 sizes.
outdoor clothes: 500 pieces for 1 model.
underwear and clothes for newborns: 3000 for 1 model.

Approximate price:
The price depends on many factors like the quality and density of the fabric, the weight, the required level of product quality, sizes, quantity of the order, manufacturing terms.
All these details are very important to know when pricing. Therefore, the more information you provide, the better the price we can offer will be.

We provide all the necessary documents for the export of the goods, including the Certificate of Origin (Form A). Quality certificates required in the country where the goods will be sold have to be purchased separately.

How to order a sample?
• If you want to order a sample, please provide us with detailed technical documentation or a live sample of the product that you want to copy.
The price of the sample depends on the complexity of the model and ranges from 100 to 300 USD. Manufacturing time is between 7-10 days.

We can arrange delivery by truck to the Russian or Kazakhstan border. Then you will have to use a transport company.
Delivery to CIS countries usually takes from 30 to 40 days. Goods can be shipped by container from the most convenient port.

If you don’t have your own engineer or designer
We can help you to solve this problem. We have production engineers in our company that can advise you on the necessary issues. We also collaborate with a few designers here and have some Italian designers at our disposal as well.

If you want to produce a small quantity
When you are placing your order you must realize that it is not a workshop but a factory. So it’s impossible to make a very small batch (10-20 pieces). For the first cooperation we can lower the minimum Order Quantity. The details of each order are negotiated individually.

Production time
It depends on the country. After all samples are confirmed Chinese factories need 30-60 days to finish the order.
In India and Bangladesh it can take 90-120 days, but the price will be lower than in China.

Terms of payment
We work according to the standard scheme: 30% before placing your order and 70% before shipment.