Factory quality inspection

The report is fast and independent

The report includes photos for a sence of presence

The report is managed according to the international AQL standards
«In-line inspection» - is quality control at the manufacturing stage. Usually we start this procedure when the manufacturing is initiated. First pieces of clothing are already finished but the main amount is still yet to be produced.

At this stage we check the quality of purchased fabric, the quality of the cutting, stitching, accessories; we look at the appearance of the product and check if it is in compliance with the specification. At this stage we can predict the actual terms of the manufacturing and can warn the customer about possible delays.

«In-line inspection» has a big advantage. At this stage we can actually fix all mistakes and we can do it before the whole order is manufactured. From the customer’s point of view this service is almost always economically justified.

«Pre-shipment inspection» is quality control before shipment. Usually we start the procedure when 100% of the goods are already produced and 80% of the goods are packaged. We check the quality of the finished products according to certain parameters: quality of the fabric, matching of colors, seams, accessories, packaging, labeling etc.

Due to these inspections, our customers get an objective picture of the actual condition of the goods and the percentage of defects. We also make a report based on the inspection so the customer can decide if he wants the goods shipped or not.

Our company provides these quality inspections in any Asian garment factories, regardless of their location. Working conditions and the price of these services are discussed with customers individually.