Although a 100% synthetic material, polar fleece has amazing properties of a hypoallergenic, soft, heat-insulating, lightweight, durable, breathable and super easy to care fabric that has no analogs in nature, yet is considered to be the only one manmade substitute of natural wool (and in certain ways surpassing it in properties).
Did you know that polar fleece was invented all the way back in 1979 by Massachusetts-based Malden Mills and its creators were later on awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry?
Up till now, due to its excellent properties, polar fleece is widely used in production of all kind of textiles, including high performance outdoor clothing, children clothing, gym clothing, thermals, hoodies and even blankets (remember our story about producing Aeroflot Airlines in-flight blankets in August 13 post?)
So if you still haven’t fallen in love with it, do try it and do remember that it is the best layering choice to wear right under your membrane jacket as winter season is approaching.


And yes, we have a huge experience of producing polar fleece clothing, since most of our customers come from the colder hemisphere of the world 🌏
Stay warm!