Design development

Design development

The development of the design of the collection of clothes is a fundamental stage of the production process, because design is one of the key factors that influence the choice of the buyer. We offer design development by professional experienced designers-technologists, as well as a service to develop the corporate identity and brand concept. Thus, the client receives not just a collection of clothes created according to his wishes, but a ready-made brand that can be brought to the market.

What you need to design a collection

To develop the concept and design of the collection of clothes from the customer, certain information is required.

  • Brand name, idea and description. The conceptual message of the brand (what style of clothes would you like to see in your collection) and what category of products are produced under this brand, for what cases is your clothing designed (school uniform, home clothes, or perhaps you would like to create evening dresses)
  • Target Audience – the more details are described by your typical clothing buyer, the easier it is for the designer to understand your needs; for this it is necessary to answer questions – what age, gender, social status YOUR buyer, what is his interest in income level.
  • Price segment – you need to determine in which price niche you will promote your collection; If the collection is created for an existing brand, then the designer will be easier to continue your style.
  • Assortment series – these are the models that will make up the collection.
  • Wishes on color scale, type of prints, general appearance of the collection, used decoration and accessories; for this you can draw our designer.

What happens at the output

After completing the development of the design, we give the client layouts in CDR or EPS format – these formats are most often used for subsequent work with manufacturing factories. The set of layouts includes a general sketch for the entire collection and individual packs for each model with a detailed description of the details.

The cost of developing the collection varies from 200 to 500 dollars depending on the number of models, their complexity, development time and other conditions, in each case the cost is discussed individually, the work begins after making an advance payment of 50%.

Development of corporate style

At the request of the customer, we will develop for him a corporate identity and brand – the name, logo, key elements of style, brand concept, etc., and also create prototypes of fittings, labels, etc. The cost of developing a corporate style is from 350 USD.