COTTON is often called the “white gold” of textile industry.
Cotton fabric is the type of garment that we touch and wear most frequently from the moment we are born and throughout our life, regardless of the part of the world we are at.

World’s top cotton supplying countries list is lead by China (over 29% of the world’s exports) and India (over 12% of the same).

At Textile Pro, we source cotton fabrics and readily made cotton clothing from both the countries.
If you are a large clothing production business and are meticulous in your profit count, we suggest that it is the most cost effective to purchase cotton from India. China will sell its cotton at average of 10% higher, which is yet expected to increase in the nearest years due to overall business trends and workforce cost growth in the country.
However, if you are a smaller business with a need to decrease MOQ, choose China as your exporter, since it will offer smaller batches to order and more convenient logistics.
Textile Pro produces customized wholesale cotton clothing at the factories of China, India and Bangladesh.
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