Already have your clothing production outsourced and running in China?

Call us for quality control.
Clothing quality control services by Textile Pro is:

✔️ In-line inspection – our inspectors will visit factory for quality checks when your production has just started and is still running, in order to track down and stop errors at early stage

✔️ Pre-shipment inspection – quality checks when 100% of your order is ready; at this stage we will ensure that readily finished products meet your requirements on all possible parameters and make sure no defected items will be shipped to you

✔️ Prompt, illustrated quality reports provided to you by an independent expert who has no interest to hide factory’s possible errands

✔️ Internationally recognized AQL standards system

✔️ Your independence of space and time. There’s no need for you to travel internationally multiple number of times to save your business from quality concerns. Stay at your place and run your business, while an independent expert will do your QC job.