Why do we insist on approving garment colors with our customers only by using Pantone matching system?

Beware of simply telling a manufacturer that you want a red jacket or putting a random red color in your design sheet. Whether you’ll end up […]

Why is it important to create a sample of every garment in your collection?

A photo, a drawing, a visualization, a spec sheet is a great way to depict a product. However, it will not give you a full idea […]

Introducing ЁLLKI APPAREL brand

This customer came to us with an idea of a beautiful and functional outdoor wear collection they visualized in their mind..and with nothing else. We designed […]

Guangzhou International Textile & Fabrics Market

  If you are a designer, a creator, a producer or a craftsperson in textiles, Guangzhou International Textile & Fabrics Market (aka Guangzhou Textile City) is […]

Did you know about existence of a LED jacket?

Did you know about existence of a LED jacket? Unique product of Nemen company from Italy, this jacket has optical fibers weaved within nylon and steel […]

How to choose a China-based garment production factory

Choosing the right manufacturer of clothing in China is top importance question for any company starting to work in garments production outsourcing. Obviously, success of your […]

Membrane fabric

  MEMBRANE FABRIC based high performance outdoor clothing has become one of the areas of our focus in the last few years. What is so great […]

Outerwear and outdoor clothing

Our teammates on a regular visit to one of our partner factories specializing in outerwear and outdoor clothing. The factory has been in the business of […]

Kids’ fall-winter wear

  Cold seasons are here, so its time to think about warm cloths. Heat-insulating clothing and high performance outdoor clothing for adults and kids is currently […]

You are most welcome to reach out for us

Before, you had to make a paid international call to reach us in China at 📲 (+86) 1855 977 2397, which is still perfectly fine and running. ___ […]