Newborn winter wear

These newborn winter wear series for Tom & Jerry brand were produced by us all the way back in 2013. Good to see them still being […]

Story of Textile Pro company

  The whole story of Textile Pro started in 2006~2007 from a small China-based production office serving for manufacturing needs of a large kids/baby apparel retail […]


  COTTON is often called the “white gold” of textile industry. Cotton fabric is the type of garment that we touch and wear most frequently from […]

What our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is?

  One of the most common inquiry we receive from you is what our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is. Once again, the most common MOQs are: […]

Markets of fabrics in China

  China has one of the biggest markets of fabrics to offer to the rest of the world. With our experience of wholesale supplies of fabrics, […]

Professional R&D services

  Professional R&D services can be offered by Textile Pro to those customers, who have no current possibility or readiness to design products by themselves. 🖌 We […]

Clothing quality control

  Already have your clothing production outsourced and running in China? Call us for quality control. Clothing quality control services by Textile Pro is: ✔️ In-line inspection […]

What’s inside your puffy jacket?

There are two key categories of insulation materials — down and synthetic. ✔️Down is a natural, lightweight, comfortable material with perfect insulation properties that has been relied […]

Do you love polar fleece the way we do?

  Although a 100% synthetic material, polar fleece has amazing properties of a hypoallergenic, soft, heat-insulating, lightweight, durable, breathable and super easy to care fabric that […]


They are probably favorite objects in your wardrobe and you surely know all about them. But can you easily tell what kind of sweater it is? […]