About Us

The company “Textile Pro” is an authoritative expert in the field of clothing manufacture at garment factories of India, China and Bangladesh. The main activity of our company is the support and rendering of a whole range of services to firms that place orders for the production of clothing in factories in India, China and Bangladesh.

We have been successfully working in this field for more than eight years and during this time have proved to be a reliable partner. During these eight years, we have accumulated not only a unique experience with direct clothing manufacturers, but also managed to establish working and trusting relationships with hundreds of factories in various countries of Asia.

The peculiarity of our company is that we specialize exclusively in the production of clothes and nothing more. We are narrowly focused and therefore professional.

Each of the employees of “Textile Pro” speaks Russian, Chinese and English. In the course of our work, situations of misunderstanding with manufacturers are virtually eliminated. We fully provide information to factories and accurately convey it to our customers. We work clearly, quickly and without errors.

The company’s offices are located in Xiamen, Fujian China and in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu province, India. The city of Xiamen is one of the main production zones in China, where a lot of textile factories are concentrated. In addition, we are equidistant from the other two largest textile zones of the PRC – Guangdong and Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. This is convenient, as if necessary, any of our employees arrive promptly at any of the garment factories to coordinate the issues on the spot. Our office in India is located in one of the largest centers of textile production. In this area there are more than 5000 different sewing enterprises.


The sphere of clothing is our business and our vocation. We are professionals, and we are really passionate about our business. If your company is engaged in tailoring in China, India and Bangladesh, or just going to enter this market, and you are in search of an experienced representative, then with a high degree of probability you can say that you have already found it. Most likely, it’s us.