About Us

  • Textile Profi is an authority in the field of apparel manufacturing in China, India and Bangladesh. We provide a range of services to companies such as placing orders for the production of clothing with factories in Asia.
  • We have been successfully working in this field for more than five years and during that time have proven to be a reliable partner. We have gained not only a unique working experience with Asian manufacturers, but also managed to establish a trusting relationship with dozens of factories.
  • We only focus exclusively on textile and clothing therefore we are very professional.
  • All our employees speak Chinese, Russian and English, which eliminates any misunderstandings during the working process. We provide full information for the factories and convey it to the customers exactly. We work precisely, quickly and without errors.
  • Our office is located in Xiamen, Fujian province, one of the main textile manufacturing zones in China, equidistant to other manufacturing centers like Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. This is convenient, since everyone of our employees can immediately arrive on the factory and personally solve any problem.
  • Apparel is our business and our passion. We are professionals and enthusiastic about our job. If you already work with an Asian manufacturer or have just decided to enter this industry, feel free to contact us for a cooperation!